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Hit and Run Accidents in Norcross, GA

Hit and Run Accidents in Norcross, GA

Hit and Run Accident Lawyers Georgia

Hit and run accidents are horrendous offenses that cause a lot of stress for victims in Georgia. Unfortunately, hit and run crashes are increasing and on the rise.

Although many cities are implementing stricter laws against hit and run drivers, you or a loved one may be currently dealing with the consequences of a negligent motorist. If you or a relative need help following a hit and run incident, you need to contact a qualified Norcross car accident attorney.

The Musgrove Trial Firm has successfully represented Georgia injury victims and their families for many years. Call us today at (678) 226-1994 for a free case evaluation or read below for more information about hit and run accidents and how to seek help in Georgia.

Can My Insurance Agency Help Me with My Hit and Run Accident?

All Georgia drivers must have minimum liability automobile insurance, but motorists do not have to purchase medical payments coverage, underinsured motorist coverage, or uninsured motorist coverage. Drivers have the option to choose additional coverage in different amounts to add on their plan, but many choose to go with only what the law requires at much lower monthly rates. During our initial consultation, we’ll review your policy to determine your coverage and best options for the future.

What Laws Apply to a Hit and Run Accident?

In any vehicle collision, motorists are required by law to stop and return to the scene of the accident. Motorists must exchange information, and failing to comply can result in a misdemeanor. If the guilty motorist flees, you cannot identify the driver, but you can take other steps to help pursue justice.

What Do I Do Once a Hit and Run Accident Occurs?

You must be quick and alert if you are in your car when a hit and run occurs.

Get details on the car involved. Try to catch the make, model, color, license and any other identifying information of the vehicle. When you provide your report of the accident, give as much information as possible to the police.

Immediately call the police. Once police officers arrive on the scene of the hit and run accident, give them a full briefing of the incident that occurred. They will make a detailed copy of the report that you will also use for your insurance claim.

Take detailed pictures of the incident. Exit your car, collect information on where your vehicle was hit, and record the damages. However, if you were seriously injured from the incident, remain in the car and seek medical attention immediately. Once the fleeing motorist is caught, they may be charged with a felony for their reckless actions. Since hit and runs have extreme consequences, we take these cases very seriously.

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After you properly seek medical attention and have a full police report, the next step is to seek professional legal representation. The legal team at The Musgrove Trial Firm can provide you with the resources and knowledge to help you during such a traumatizing event. Call our Norcross, GA office at (678) 226-1994 or fill out our online contact form today for a free consultation.