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Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers in Norcross, GA

Drunk driving, also known as driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), kills one person every 50 minutes in the United States. Alcohol, especially in high amounts, can cause impaired reasoning and delayed motor coordination, making operating a heavy vehicle hazardous to both the driver and other drivers on the road. The legal team at The Musgrove Trial Firm in Norcross, Georgia, is here to help all those who have been affected by a drunk driving incident. Please read more about drunk driving accidents below or contact our firm today for immediate help if you’ve been involved in a drunk driving accident.

Common Drunk Driving Scenarios

Most drunk driving incidents occur when people go out, have a few drinks, but don’t have a back-up plan on how to get home if they end up intoxicated. Because alcohol is often associated with social functions, it’s easy to get in a position where you’ve had too much to drink and need to find a way home. Some common drunk driving scenarios include:

  • Office or house parties. Maybe you came to the party expecting to just stay for a little while or didn’t realize there would be alcohol. Maybe the person you rode with wants to stay for longer or leave early. Many people think they can make it home, but it’s crucial to have a backup plan, whether that be a rideshare service, a taxi, or a ride home from a friend or family member.
  • Date night. Because many dates start not knowing exactly how the evening will end, people often end up drinking more than expected or not having a backup plan for transportation. Create several different ways to get home, especially if the date ends later than most taxis or rideshare services run.
  • Emergencies. Maybe you planned for a few drinks at home or a fun time around the fire pit with friends. Most people aren’t expecting an emergency to occur, but if they do happen when drinking, driving is NOT a good option. Have a plan in case of a medical emergency that is easy to follow, even under the influence.

What to Do If a Drunk Driving Accident Occurs

Drunk Driving DUI Lawyers in Norcross GA

Stay Calm and Check for Injuries and Damages

Whether you’ve caused the accident or are the victim in the situation, it’s important to remain calm and to check for any bodily injuries to yourself and others in your vehicle. Depending on where you are, safety will vary. If your vehicle is in an unsafe place, try to relocate you and other passengers to a safe place on the side of the road. If there are any passengers with serious injuries, do not attempt to move them unless it is a life or death situation. Turn off the engine to prevent vehicle fires, turn on hazard lights, or utilize any safety cones or reflectors you have in your vehicle.

Call 911

Once all passengers in your vehicle and the other vehicle are relatively safe, contact 911 to report the accident and any injuries that have happened. As calmly as possible, explain what has happened, where you are located, and answer any questions they may ask.

Move Drivable Vehicles to Prevent Accidents

If, and only if, there are no serious injuries or fatalities, Georgia law requires vehicles impeding the flow of traffic be moved to the side of the road.

Take Pictures of the Accident Scene and Injuries.

It’s important to document any damage to the vehicles, the position of the vehicles involved in the crash (before being moved), and any injuries sustained in photos. This can help provide evidence in a legal case. It’s also important to gather statements from witnesses to the accident during this time.

Obtain the Insurance and Contact Info from the Other Party

As with any standard car accident, make sure you exchange information.

What Not to Do Following a Drunk Driving Accident in Atlanta, GA

There are also a few things you simply cannot do following a drunk driving accident in Atlanta: 1. Do not leave the scene of the accident. 2. Do not admit fault or apologize, no matter how the other person is responding. In stressful situations, people are less likely to report the facts correctly, and so what you think is your fault, may not be. 3. Do not move seriously injured victims, unless moving them would prevent further injuries (like being in the road or close to a fire).

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